WhatsApp setup


As part of this process, you will require the following:​

  1. Eloqua administrator account access​

  2. Details of the account and any required credentials ​

  • Account SID​

  • Auth token​

3. Confirmation that the initial messages have been authorised by WhatsApp​


If you haven't already done so, install the product

*Installation links will be provided by your account manager


  • After installation, a new “WhastApp” step is available within your Campaign or Program steps menu (to the left of any campaign/program).​

  • If you cannot see the connector – click the ‘expand’ icon twice to show all steps.

Please Note:

If you cannot see the connector – click the ‘expand’ icon twice to show all available steps.


To access the connector configuration, please follow the instructions below:​

  1. Add the step to the canvas​

  2. Double click on the created step to load the step information (see image to the left)​

  3. Click the ‘Pencil’ icon ​

  4. Click ‘Let’s Go!’ on the pop-up.


You can setup the Administration settings at the following location (see configuration slide)​

  1. Click Setup located at the top right​

  2. Click Settings from the drop-down menu​

  3. Click WhatsApp from the resultant screen​

  4. Enter the following information​

  • Account SID​

  • Auth Token

User Instance

Individual Instance: Message​

This tab allows you to view and manage the details relating to the WhatsApp instance:​

  • A/B Testing​

  • Message ​ with field merge, CDO field merge & personalised URLs​

  • RTL (Right to Left)​

  • Attachment​

Please Note:​

This message MUST have been authorised by WhatsApp for the message to be successfully delivered.

Individual Instance: Stats​

This tab allows you to view information in relation to the performance of the specific instance.​

  • Outcome​

  • Results during a specific timeframe​

  • Split test comparisons

Individual Instance: Response​

This tab allows you to view and manage rules in relation to the specific instance.​

Rule Conditions​

  • Condition​

  • Phrase(s)​

Response Information​

  • Message​

  • Form Submission​

  • Custom Object Creation


The process is as follows:

  • Starts with an always-on segment, so you set it once and it keeps synching new target contacts​

  • Each contact is sent a WhatsApp message that can include field merging and personalized URLs​

  • After the message is sent, the campaign will wait for 1 day before progressing to the next step within the campaign.

WhatsApp Checklist

Step By Step Checklist

  • Install the JAF main app​

  • Install the specific WhatsApp component​

  • Expand the element selector on the canvas to locate the WhatsApp connector and select the star to ensure ​ it will be shown on all levels of the menu​

  • When setting up the component, ensure that you have the Account SID and Auth Token​

  • Ensure that the initial messages have been authorised by WhatsApp to ensure they can be successfully ​ delivered​