Why Instant Marketing

A set of amazing new tools!


This document covers the following:

  1. How to instantly add custom features to Eloqua

  2. The different types of features you can add

  3. Pre-made features you can use

In a Nutshell

There are two parts to Instant Marketing: 1. We have some amazing pre-made Eloqua extensions, which allow you to add 6 new channels to your campaigns. 2. We have built a platform that makes it incredibly easy to extend Eloqua. ‍ This is useful regardless of whether you can code. ‍Have a coder? Awesome! You can add custom features in minutes, and make Eloqua your ideal platform. ‍No coder? No problem! Building Eloqua extensions with Just Add Features is quick. This means it's cheap and easy to get us to do it for you.

How It Works

It's very simple: Place one of our tools, then click. This opens a simple code-editor with a few lines of code. Often you only need to edit 2 lines.

After you edit, click 'test' to see a preview of what will happen.This lets you know that your new function works, and also preview the results (e.g. whether any contacts will be updated in Eloqua).

2 Lines of Code..!

Yes, often you really can have custom Eloqua extensions by just modifying 2 lines. The video linked below shows exactly this situation. In the video demo we add a powerful new AI feature to Eloqua, by only modifying 2 lines. This is possible because we've done a ton of work under the hood. It also helps that we provide a choice of easy pre-made templates as a starting point.

Video Demo

We strongly recommend you start by watching this 3 minute video demo:

Audio is needed. Already seen it? Please continue to the next section.

Types of Extensions

There are 4 different types of extension.They have differences, but are all incredibly easy to use: change a couple of lines, then click test to check it works!

Custom Action
Custom Content
Custom Audience
Custom Decision
Custom Action

Do anything, in any tool

The Custom Action lets you add new steps to your Campaigns and Programs. This is great whenever you want to do something other than just send an email. It's also perfect for calling any API; whether it's an external tool, or an internal business tool. You can easily send and receive data. E.g. triggering an event in another system, or pulling real-time data to update a contact.

Custom Content

Insert content into your emails

Custom Content lets you write scripts that directly insert custom content into an email. This is useful whenever you want to customise something in an email for your contact, beyond what Eloqua can normally support. For example: you might want to render QR codes or barcodes which are specific to each contact. Or you might want to pull data from an API or database and directly display it. E.g. an up to date itemised bill. Or maybe you simply want to include some data without importing it. It doesn't matter what.The point is - if you need to put anything super customised to a contact into an email - without having to import all the data first, this is your tool.

Custom Audience

Fetch or trigger any audience

Eloqua already has an incredibly powerful segmentation system. ...But it has a downside. To trigger a campaign, you have to import all the data behind that decision. Sometimes, you simply want your other tools to be able to trigger campaigns with a one-line API call. Or have Eloqua actively ask another tool or API for an exact audience when a campaign starts. This gives you a huge amount of flexibility, and lets you leverage complex-segmentation work that's already being done in a data-warehouse or similar.

Custom Decision

Yes, or no

This lets you program custom decision steps in your Campaigns & Programs. It's very similar to the Custom Action, except you get a decision instead of an action. This lets you e.g. call an API to find out from your accounts software whether somebody converted into a customer, in real-time.