Need Help With Code

No coder? No problem!


This document covers the following:

  1. How to create multi-channel Eloqua campaigns without needing an in-house coder

How We Can Help

Do you like the idea of quickly extending Eloqua with new custom components, but don’t have access to a coder? This is a common challenge. However – you can still benefit from the customisation capabilities of Just Add Features in two ways.

Pre-made Features

Firstly – what you’re looking for may already exist. For example, none of our multi-channel campaign tools involve any code whatsoever. They are 100% aimed at non-technical users. These let you use Eloqua to send push notifications, direct mail, SMS text messaging, and to precisely target adverts to specific contacts on Facebook, YouTube, Google Adwords, Instagram and more.

Done For You

Secondly – you can simply hire us to develop custom features for you.

This is usually way cheaper and faster than people expect.

Why? Because it’s so fast & easy to extend Eloqua with our tools. We don’t just provide them – our devs are also the biggest users. ‍ If you would like Eloqua extended with something new – plus the ability to add whatever you need, whenever you need it, then it makes sense to at least have a meeting.

It really is that simple. You just need to talk to us.