Instant Email

This document covers the following:

  • What Is Instant Email?

  • How To Access Instant Email?

  • Setting Up Your First Email

  • Creating Your First Email

  • Testing Your Email

Instant Email Intro

Instant Email system is a visual email designer that allows you to build emails via components (think of Lego blocks) using customisable forms, allowing you to maintain a level of control within an easy and forgiving environment.

How To Access Instant Email

  • Create a new email To create a new email, from the Eloqua home page, click on the cloud icon to the right of the screen and select Instant Email.

To load a previously created email, select the email from the Recently Accessed list on the Eloqua home screen and then click on the cloud and select Instant Email. The email will be loaded into the visual editor for you.

  • Edit an existing email If you wish to edit an existing email, click on the corresponding email within the Recently Accessed area on the home screen. The email will be loaded into Eloqua email. Once on this screen, click on the cloud icon to the right of the screen and select Instant Email.

Setting Up Your Email

Once you have clicked on Instant Email, you will be faced with the following screen:

Please do the following:

  • Mode: Set to Email

After that, you will be faced with the following screen where you can then either create a new email or load a previous email.

  • Choose a Starting Template: Click - Blank Layout. IM – Main v2

After carrying out the above, you will be shown the following:

Please set the following:

  • Subject Line: Instant Email – Test 1

  • Select a folder where you wish the email to be saved

  • Click - Create

Creating Your First Email

After you have set up your email, you will be shown the following screen:

The screen is made up of 2 areas:

  • The left column where you will add components and information that will be used to create your email

  • A preview area that will show how the email will look on desktops, tablets and phones (landscape and portrait)

Please Note: If you save an email as a template, it will be available at the point when you are creating the email (see Setting up your email – screen image 1).

This will allow you to save time when creating a new email as the style/layout will have already been set.

The first email we are going to create will be based on the Instant Marketing website (


Testing The Email

After you have saved the email, click on the Eloqua tab within your browser and then click on ORACLE Eloqua in the top left to return to the home screen.

Refresh the screen by pressing F5 or the corresponding refresh icon within the browser

The email you created (and saved) will now show within the Recently Accessed section of the home page.

Click on the email you have just created within the list and you will then be taken to the email section within Eloqua, with the email loaded (see below)

Click on Actions > Email a Contact

Search for your email address, select it and click Send

Component Information

The following details the fields and type of information required for each element within the available components.

Text and Images (various layouts)

Provides you with the ability to create a block of content that can be styled as follows: