Facebook Integration

Target Facebook Ads from Your Eloqua Campaigns


This document covers the following:

  • How to trigger targeted Facebook & Instagram ads from Eloqua

Facebook / Instagram Ad-Targeting Intro

We can have a step in our Eloqua campaign which synchs individual contacts to a targeting-list within your Facebook advertising account.

Then you simply log into Facebook Advertising and select the audience (or audiences) you want to target with each advert!

Instagram uses the same platform, so can be targeted with the same lists.

Here's how it works: ‍

To start, you place our Facebook Ad-Targeting action onto your Campaign Canvas.

Then simply right-click then click 'configure' to show the options:


There are two modes: ‍

1. Add contacts to an audience

2. Remove contacts from an audience

The 'mode' toggle switches between these. Having the ability to remove as well as add contacts to a ad-targeting list allows you more control, and is particularly useful when e.g. a contact purchases.

Select Audience

This section shows all of the audience targeting lists in your linked Facebook Advertising account.

Simply select which audience you want to add your contacts to (or remove them from).

Manage Audiences

Click the more (three dots) icon to see options that let you create or delete Facebook Advertising audiences directly from Eloqua.